Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Karma...and chocolate Easter bunnies!

I'm a firm believer in karma - that niggling little something that bugs you and makes you think twice about a person, activity or that Coach purse you didn't buy.

I was getting coffee last week (*shocking*, I know) and I saw a poster for a charity Easter basket drive for kids in Long Beach. And I figured, why not? It's run by the same guy that did the Turkey Trot and the Haute Dog Easter Parade. They are trying to collect 1200 baskets for local kids - filled with toys, school supplies, grooming products and a little bit of candy.

So after we didn't have to haggle for the car, we stopped at Target on the way home Saturday. I got a pretty purple chenille basket and filled it with a Disney Princess toothbrush/paste, comb, Uno game, SpongeBob jelly beans, Reese's egg...even a chocolate rubber ducky.

It was wrapped up and dropped off yesterday - and when Dad told me, it actually brought a smile to my face, after the day that sucked a lot.

I feel like I'm living in a New Radicals song, but you know what? Some little girl is going to love that pink toothbrush and that's what is important.

Karma. It's all about the karma.


Sheryl said...

Very nice! You know I'm all about the Karma.

My mail karma is still of the suck. Dad still hasn't received a Sears credit card bill I mailed down to him last week. Thankfully I copied it before I sent it and Mom went and paid the bill at Sears. *sigh* But ya know? I'm starting to think it's Dad's bad mail karma we're dealing with. Norma sends him cutesy cards all the time. He sends silly things once in awhile. But I'm choosing to blame him for the mail out-of-whackness. *nod* Or, we could just blame the Post Office. *grin*

Oh, Katie LOVES her Princess toothbrush and toothpaste. Hee! She has Pooh down here and Princesses upstairs.

Mercedes said...

Yeah, it's all your Dad's fault, he needs to cleanse himself or something...
Because it couldn't be the Post Office...! Hee.

I loved my basket. It was too cute. :)

jacqueline said...

I am the project coordinator for Operation Easter Basket and I have the very fun job of seeing every single lovely basket donated. They all are dropped off to my living room! As of Wed. morning we have handed out 535 baskets, with more coming in and going out by the hour! It never ceases to amaze me how generous and creative the baskets are. Keep up the good work Long Beach. These baskets are soooo appreciated. The charities that recieve them are so grateful. We still need more to reach our goal. Thank you all so much. April