Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mmm, cake! Perfectly Sweet (Whole Foods)

Awww, it's so....wait for it...perfectly cute! *snerk*
Here we have the Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake, which is baked for Whole Foods (*ahem*) by a commercial bakery named Perfectly Sweet from Alhambra.

It's a 3-inch round cake on a hazelnut base, probably 2.5-inches of mousse to .5-inches of crust. It's solid, dense and looks dark and yummy.

I think I’m twitching, this is sooooo good and rich and good and rich and good and rich…well you get the idea. It’s a rich dark chocolate mousse, dense and yummy. The crust is flaky and nutty, light and textured. The mousse is so coats your mouth, it coats the fork – it just coats everything in chocolate-ness. I wanted to eat it slowly, it felt so sinful.

The cake is topped by drizzles of chocolate. It’s simple, it’s perfection.

And because it’s from Whole Foods, the ingredients I can pronounce – chocolate, butter, coffee, eggs, sugar, hazelnuts, unbleached flour, water.

Perfectly Sweet – A.
Seriously? I think I love this cake, it's like a chocolate explosion.

Perfectly Sweet Cake at Whole Foods Market
2655 Pacific Coast Highway
Torrance, CA 90505
310) 257-8700


Chris & Creedance said...

Wait a second...I scanned the whole article and didn't see the "PB" words mentioned. Has this site been hacked?

Creedance and I tried out the new cupcake shop in SM last week:

Alas, we were not very impressed. We'll stick with Suzie's for now, maybe try Yummy again in a couple of months. (If they're still there; that space is a death trap for businesses)

Mercedes said...

Ha! *snerk* Occassionally I do venture outside my comfort zone. But usually just with chocolate peanut butter. ;)

But you'll be happy to note that I bought a pint of peanut butter cup ice cream today, so the peanut butter hasn't been forgotten.

That is so funny, because the aunt, AJ2, just sent me a link to Yummy Cupcakes...not worth the effort???