Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Yawn. I know, I've been kind of quiet...well, eating baked goods and kind of quiet.

I guess I'm finally decompressing and remembering how to relax. The problem with being completely stressed and living for the weekends is that when you suddenly find yourself out that don't know which way is up anymore. At a loss, basically.

And having lots of free time in which to putter. *ahem* Walk to the shore, get coffee.

I'm figuring it out, a little bit every day. I'm trying to keep to my schedule, so up and exercising and all that fun stuff. But here is an update. :)

Interview: The interview went well, it's an emergency temp job for up to 6-months. Not ideal, but something, at least. They will be making a decision next week and let me know. I think I did well, but we'll see. I wore the power-suit and I was confident. Woo!

Car: The Oompa-Loompas have made my car! Hedwig exists! Yay! The time line is looking more like mid-to-late May. The little owl is waiting to go on to the ship, per the mini website!

New Jersey: I fly to Philly on Thursday...the Thursday that will never end! I leave at 6am (AHHH!) LA time and get to Philly at 6pm...I think we have to flap the wings of the plane by hand. Planner Girl has everything all worked out, for the most part, and I'll just be following her instructions - I think I need to be told what to do for awhile. All I know is that we get to try P.B. Loco, and that's a good thing, Martha.

Next Week: Ah, more relaxing. The big plans are to go to Doughboys and then bake cookies. Seriously. And go with the Mom to South Coast Plaza. I'm going to be applying for more jobs and checking out temp agencies. We might even hit Disneyland. Woo. ;)

Hugs to you all!

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