Monday, April 16, 2007

Mmm, cupcake! Auntie Em's Kitchen

Ah, the BIG-O CUPCAKES!!! And for the, I didn't eat them both the same day. *ahem*

Chocolate Cupcake – Large
It was huge, 2.5-inches by 2.5-inches. It was your basic grown-up chocolate cake, topped by swirl of rich dark chocolate frosting and a bit of rainbow nonpareils.

But? Dry cake. Yummy, but dry. It wasn’t sweet, instead a deeper chocolate cake - hence the grown-up comment. This wasn't a "classroom birthday party cupcake."

The frosting saved it, but the cupcake isn’t supposed to be just about the frosting. It was stiff, perhaps because we put it in the fridge, but it was dark yummy chocolate. Rich dark yummy chocolate. Very rich.

Red Velvet Cupcake – Large
Same size as the Chocolate Cupcake, a huge-o 2.5-inches by 2.5-inches. I'm happy to report that it was topped by real cream cheese frosting…I approve! Red cake, cream cheese frosting topped with cute little RED nonpareils.

The cupcake was moister than the Chocolate, but still felt dry. The red velvet was red-red-red, slightly less red than Doughboys…and yes, Doughboys still wins. Doughboys is more cocoa-y, tangier and more flavorful. The cream cheese frosting is sharper and more…well, cream cheesier. The Auntie Em's version was nice, but kind of boring – Doughboys is more fun, more…red velvet-y.

Auntie Em's Kitchen Cupcakes - C! Dry. *sniffle*

Auntie Em's Kitchen
4616 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
323) 255-0800


Chris & Creedance said...

Err, where's Mercedes?

Mercedes said...

Did you mean literally, because I'm on the couch, watching Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network...

Ha! And how is work? ;)

Chris & Creedance said...

Yes and no. Mostly like I'm looking around today and you're not here. Weird. But also it's nice to know someone is enjoying their day :)

Work is fun. I love me some Service Awards!

Mercedes said...

Oh, it was the 17th...the meeting!?!? How did it go? Do tell...

The interview went really well yesterday, they should be making a decision next week. The Mom has a possible temp thing in the works also.

And I'm flying to Philly on Thursday, so I am surviving...headed your way tomorrow for a Panera/Whole Foods run. Ha!

Chris & Creedance said...

Hope you had fun on your Torrance expedition. Any PB Tarts?

As much as I would like to discuss the meeting, I will abstain if only to help you get KP out of your system! I mean this in the best, nicest way-- don't worry about it!

Hope you have a good trip to Philly. To bad you'll be five hours away from one of my all time favorite sandwiches:

Mercedes said...

Mmm, sandwiches...I've decided they are the perfect food. Ha!

I did look for a pb tart - no go. Snerk. So I chose something else, stay tuned for review when I get back.

And yay, cut me off from work info - I so don't need (nor really want) to know. ;) But I was thinking about you guys as we drove by. And I stuck my tongue out, too. Ahem.

Michelle said...

Red Velvet cake is not supposed to taste like cocoa