Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mmm, cake! Torrance Bakery

Well, technically, this is a review of my going-away cake, which makes me laugh.
Oh, does it make me laugh...
Not quite on my mini-cake quest, but, to be fair...a review...

My going-away cake was red velvet, a 1/4-sheet from Torrance Bakery. It was red velvet, with buttercream icing and chocolate pudding filling.

I requested red velvet and got it, so yay!

However, this wasn't the best I've had, that honor still goes to Doughboys.

The cake wasn't as moist and was a deeper, darker red - more towards the cocoa brownish red, as opposed to the shocking red-red-RED of Doughboys. I love me some buttercream frosting, but...not so much on the red velvet, r v should have CREAM CHEESE ICING.

Yes, I shouted that, just be clear.

And I'm not sure about the chocolate pudding filling, at all.

It was cake, it was sugary and it was great. But not perfection, unfortunately. I'd give it a B/B-.

Torrance Bakery
1341 El Prado Avenue
Torrance, CA 90501
310) 320-2722

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