Friday, April 13, 2007

Brought to you by the Letter *W*

Today will be Wonderful.

Today will be Weird.

Today also starts the Weekend!


Saturday, 4/14
Celebration Breakfast at Auntie Em's Kitchen (BIG-O CUPCAKES!)
Trip to Bristol Farms for Chocolate Chips
*Ahem* Coffee
Apply for 6 Jobs (updated 4/14 - 5, turns out I already applied to one of them! Oops.)
Trip to the Market
Watch lots of TV

Sunday, 4/15
*Ahem* Coffee
Visit Famima!!
Amazing Race

What comes after that? Everyone thinks sleep in...uh, let's see a job interview...trip to NJ...Doughboys...the PB Tart test...I'm a busy girl! :)

There will be another update this weekend - a review of the "going away"-cake. Ahem.

This entry is also brought to you by the number *13*.


Chris & Creedance said...

'W'ish I had something 'w'itty to say, but as usual, nothing comes to mind. Must be "Perspectives numb" once again. Anyway, congrats on the big day and here's to a really bright future! (See, should've got the convertible).

Mercedes said...

I still think you should have gone with your first instinct, leaving the whole issue blank.


I did manage to escape without a hug from him, there were bets around about that happening. Snerk.