Wednesday, April 11, 2007


So how do you sum up my rapidly ending career at that place?

By having him lose my resignation letter.

He eventually found it.
But. He. Lost. My. Resignation. Letter.

24-hours left this week...and counting.


Sheryl said...

Ha! That's too funny... but, um, not.
Just to be snarky you should print up a BUNCH of copies for him "Just in case he loses them!" *snerk*

Chris & Creedance said...

I think it was just wishful thinking on his part. The "Ostrich Theory"-- if he can't see it, it's not really happening.

Mercedes said...

Sheryl, you crack me up. I was so tempted...when he asked me to bring in a copy before he found the original, I wanted to be a smart ass and ask if he needed more than one. What a dolt.

Chris, seriously. He can't bury his head any further...I forgot to metnion today that he's rationing the candy in the bucket to make it last. *snerk*