Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I suck at this.



Guess what? Unemployed girl isn't unemployed any more.
I got fast-tracked in the Cal State temp pool...that was the interview I went on Monday, you know, my first real day of unemployment where I had to get all dressed up? That was with Extension Services.

Then I got calls on Friday and Monday about other jobs. They finally got me Tuesday morning when I was back from NJ for an HR thing (uh, NO!) and then another position for the Department of Social Work. I set-up an interview for today, then another person called today as I was walking in the house from Starbucks about a job with another department. I have an interview with them on Tuesday.

Today's interview? 3-month emergency temp thing that is probably leading to a permanent position. It was weird, literally, and I'm supposed to report back to the Dean at 8:30am on Wednesday to start...
Uh, yeah.

I'm confused and apparently employed.

I suck at this! Where is my break, my baking and red velvet and lounging around watching soap operas?!?!

Ahem. D'oh!


Chris & Creedance said...

Wow-- so much for time off! Will you start next Wed., then?

Mercedes said...

Yup, I start 5/2.

I'm not even sure what the salary range is. Or where to park. Or what to wear. Or what the hours are.

Hee. I'm kind of excited, though. It should be different and kinda fun. And if I hate? I can try something else. ;)