Friday, April 27, 2007

The Unemployed Weekend

So, I can at least have one weekend where I'm unemployed and not in New Jersey. Hee.

Not much planned, I'm afraid.

Saturday will pretty much be running around day: pedicures, hem my new jeans (I so hope the job is casual, fingers crossed!), Target, Bristol Farms, the market...
Wow, how boring. Ha! *ahem*
The Dad has to work early, so the Mom and I are planning a night of movies and snacks.

And cake. And peanut butter, come on, it's ME.

Sunday is wide open. Maybe I'll practice parking some more. *snerk* Oh, and Amazing Race, which is TOTALLY ANNOYING ME right now.
See, plans just changed. Ahem. Disneyland.

Ahem. Quiet, I tell you. Quiet. ;)
And duh, coffee. *snerk*

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