Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mmm, cake! The Great Dane Baking Company


Our next entry in Mercedes's great "she's in love with tiny cakes...who has the best?"-search is from The Great Dane Baking Company.

They have a chocolate decadence cake, a 3-inch round chocolate cake. It's decorated with curls/waves of chocolate, stuck into chocolate ganache. The chocolate ganache isn't hard, like Rossmoor, it's creamy and gooey. The entire cake is dusted with cocoa powder. The sides are also covered in more curls/waves/pieces of chocolate stuck into the ganache.

The cake itself is a moist layer of chocolate cake, topped with a deep layer of light chocolate mousse, much more delicate than Rossmoor. It's not over-powering in it's chocolate-ness, it's just richly cocoa-y. The ratio of cake to mousse is probably 1-inch of cake to 2 inches of mousse. Rossmoor was more like 2/1 cake-mousse.

The chocolate decadence is much more intense, in a chocolate way – where the chocolate hexagon was straight-forward, the chocolate decandence was more elegant and deep. The flavors were similar, but the concept and presentation was markedly different – the clear winner is Great Dane in execution, the chocolate hexagon is great for a cake fix, but the chocolate decadence is an experience…layers of flavor, texture, playing off each other.

Great Dane - A!

The Great Dane Baking Company
(2 outlets in Orange County, went to the Los Alamitos one)
11196 Los Alamitos Blvd.
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
562) 493-6899

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