Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mmm, cake! Doughboys Bakery

Ah, the holy grail.
Doughboys Red Velvet, loved by millions and Oprah...or actually, Gayle. But yeah.

See, Red Velvet I didn't get before. It's just cake and if I want cake, I want marble or chocolate.

But having tried it, now I get it - it's chocolate, just lighter and more subtle. It's different and it rocks.

Doughboys Red Velvet cupcake/mini cake is just that - a massive little cake. It's 4-inches round, 3-inches tall, topped with at least a 1/2-inch of cream cheese frosting. The frosting is topped with crumbles of red case you forget the red-red-RED cake is red velvet. ;)

It's moist. It's moist to the nth degree, it's literally wet...which is a good thing, trust me. The fork even makes a slight splotching noise as it cuts into the cake.


The cake is delicate, the cocoa coming across just enough to let you know that it's chocolate, but not overpoweringly so. Cutting into the cake and seeing the red, you expect something harsh, vibrant...and the light flavor is the opposite of that.

It's a mystery. A yummy, yummy mystery.

The cream cheese frosting rocks. It's creamy, it's rich. It is just tangy enough, has just enough of a kick to remind you it's cream cheese, but it's also sweet. You can taste the sugar and it actually has a bit of a...well, granular feel, when you bite into it. But it's not too sweet, just sweet enough. It's a nice contrast to the light cocoa-ness of the red velvet, balancing well.

Did I mention that it's moist? Oh, is it moist. It leaves a red ring in the bowl. It leaves red marks on the fork. But? Not in your mouth! Ha!

Doughboys - A+!

Doughboys Bakery
8136 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
323) 651-4202

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