Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Peanut Butter Weekend!

I'm back from NJ - alive and well. I know, you are all happy to hear that. ;)

It was fun and relaxing - and full of peanut butter! Hee, I was a happy girl. I walked to Starbucks and got my fix every day, then just played. Yay!

Friday, we went to Asher's Chocolate Factory. Where I sampled peanut butter sorbet candy, which is kinda crunchy and fudge-like. Then we went to a real farm, with cows and a turkey. Where I had peanut butter cup ice cream.

Saturday, we did the Mall!!! How...suburban! Hee. We went to Woodbridge and I got to try P.B. Loco - a yum-o regular pb sammie with granny smith apples, toasted. And then on to Mastoris, where I got chocolate peanut butter cake. *thud*

Sunday it was warm and sunny, so the family stayed close to home. We played in the backyard and I read a WHOLE book. Ha! And S and I ate peanut butter panic ice cream, just to try it out. To make sure it wasn't poison.

Monday...fly home, after going to Target and Wegmans. I know...the peanut butter? A peanut butter cookie luna bar! Ha!

Oh. And you can't carry on jars of peanut butter on a plane, the TSA doesn't like that. Ahem. Don't ask.
But I still say it's not a gel or a liquid.



Chris & Creedance said...

Hey, welcome back! I'm going to start calling you 'Skippy' from now on. Sounds like you had a good vacation.

Mercedes said...

You know, I was going to argue with you, but...
Ahem, skippy-Girl it is! Ha!

It was restful, for sure. And apparently I've applied for some super temping thing at CSULB, because I've gotten three possible things since Monday...I have another interview tomorrow.

I did turn down the "2-month HR Filing Benefits Job" because...well...you know. ;)