Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mmm, breakfast! Auntie Em's Kitchen

How does one celebrate being unemployed?
Well, if you're me, you drag three relatives to Eagle Rock at the crack of dawn.


This morning we got up early, well, normal time, and went to Auntie Em's Kitchen to sample some cozy breakfast.
And it was yummy. Too bad Eagle Rock is so far away!

Auntie Em's reminded me of someplace we'd go to in Chicago, a casual and comfortable place to hang and talk.
Which we did. Oh, and eat.

The Mom: Opened-faced Breakfast Sammie of Eggs and Avocado
The AJ1: Eggs with Spinach and Feta, included Potatoes and Toast
The AJ2: Asparagus Strata with a Side of Fruit
Mercedes: Fruit and an Apricot Blueberry Scone (yes, I'm weird)

Thumbs up from all. Personally, the scone rocked...even though I ordered the Cherry Almond scone and I got the Apricot Blueberry, it was fabu. Buttery, cake-y....*drool* And any fruit bowl that includes an apple is wonderful.

Go to Auntie Em's. Now. And? BIG-O CUPCAKES...reviewed later! :)
Auntie Em's - A!

Auntie Em's Kitchen
4616 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
323) 255-0800

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