Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ah, honesty.

Hee. You know that moment you always face when something happens, that instant that you have the chance to change something and you have a second to either do it or not?

Yeah, that doesn't make sense, welcome to my head. *Ahem*

Yesterday morning I was getting coffee - Starbucks was empty (love that Spring break!) and I walked in to be the only customer actually buying coffee. They know me and wrote it up, then the new guy rang me up.

"$3.20, on your Starbucks card?"

Ah, but you see...my drink is $3.50. It's been $3.50 since they raised the price, trust me on this. It's $3.50. And as I handed over my card, I did it. "That's wrong, it's should be $3.50."

He was floored. He looked at me, the register, then back at me. I said it again, "it's wrong, it's supposed to be $3.50. A mocha is $3.50."

He blinked and cleared the transaction, ringing it up again. "You're right, I rang up a latte." He took my card and then said it.
"You're really honest."

Yeah. I am. Hee. There are worse things to be in this world, I guess.

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