Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow, that was a long break...!

Well, I did plan on coming back...eventually....

Eventually just took longer than I thought, with the trip to Italy and London and you know, stuff.  *g*

But yes, I'm still here.  Alive and well.
Of course, all my pictures were scattered in the great iBook disaster of 2008, but I promised S that I would at least try to move the peanut butter tart picture, so here I go...

Oh, and Whole Foods stopped selling them.  Ha!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't Drink All The Beer.

Yeah, it's almost April. Oh well, at least I came back, you know? I didn't remember the name of my own blog, but I came back. ;)

Currently slaving away at work - don't ask. It's not going well. Enough said.

We're about 30 days away from the trip to Italy and London...major list making is going on, shopping plans are being plotted, fun is being had! We, naturally, had to go to breakfast to plot this morning.

At Doughboys. *ahem*

Other than that, not much happening. The parental units are out of town...I'm not supposed to drink my Dad's beer. As if. More like dancing in my underwear. ;)

Oh, and? My Whole Foods now stocks the Peanut Butter Tart...Yay!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hee. 1987!

What is better than a Saturday with pie?

It would be a Saturday with pie...and the pilot of 21 Jump Street!

Without a doubt, some of the best (meaning = yikes!) acting ever! That was some fine hair, Johnny.

I may have, you know, cracked this week. Just slightly. You should all be scared.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday = ?

Duh. Saturday = peanut butter. Keep up, would you?

We took advantage of the dry weather to run around. I got my hair cut and then we went every where. Ok, we went to TJ's, Target and Bristol Farms. ;)

Very exciting. Ha!

In other news, planning is moving full speed ahead on the London/Italy tour. I can not wait. Whee! We're picking hotels in London. Trying to figure out what to do on our free afternoons and evenings. Looking up bakeries and Starbucks. The usual.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Well, it's 2008...

Yes. I fell off the face of the Earth.

Ok, actually, I got uber-sick after Chicago (lovely girly germs!) and spent most of Christmas and New Year's wheezing and sleeping.

I literally only started feeling better by the time I went to Walt Disney World, which was last week. I think my ear FINALLY cleared on the plane there. Ha!

So, to recap:
~Went to Chicago. It SNOWED. We went to tea. Ames got really sick and ate cookies.
~Baked cookies here. Jack and sugar don't mix.
~MaxJET...don't even ask, let's just say this trip to Italy will go on as scheduled and will be fun.
~Christmas. Mmm, Pie.
~New Year's.
~Walt Disney Word - it was cold, but soooo much fun. MICKEY WAFFLES!!!

In other news...Portland is in a few weeks! And Italy planning continues. :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

December? Seriously?

Yikes! Next weekend is cookie baking, which means I have to finish shopping AND decorate this weekend.

Ah! Ok, I feel better.

It's going to be a busy one: mucho shopping, cleaning...and decorating. Ahem.

Not much new to report. Slight driving incident the other day, I now have a nickname in my house...
Donald Killer. You can pretty much figure that one out. *sigh*

It is Friday yet?
Oh. Wait.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ah, Gingerbread and Peanut Butter Kisses

Soon, soon the Christmas Baking will begin! Whee!!!

I survived Thanksgiving, only having one slight issue - pulled a muscle or tendon in my leg and spent the next six days limping and swearing. A lot. As the parents made cracks about me pulling up lame.


But I got to try Sweet Potato pie. And? I'm in LOVE. Yum-o.

It's Thursday, the new Friday. This weekend promises to be packed and fun: Christmas Lights, Disneyland, the whole bit.

The Mom's birthday is coming up and we're going out to dinner. Whee!

And two weeks until the Chicago Cookie Day 2007...the low on Monday is going to be 11. 11 DEGREES! Yikes. I need more layers!!!