Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow, that was a long break...!

Well, I did plan on coming back...eventually....

Eventually just took longer than I thought, with the trip to Italy and London and you know, stuff.  *g*

But yes, I'm still here.  Alive and well.
Of course, all my pictures were scattered in the great iBook disaster of 2008, but I promised S that I would at least try to move the peanut butter tart picture, so here I go...

Oh, and Whole Foods stopped selling them.  Ha!



Sheryl said...

Welcome back!
You seriously need to come visit soon. Joseph can say "Auntie Mwer-see" now. It's so cute!
When we were wrapping your X-mas presents Katie said she can't remember you!! Gah! Broke my heart. I told her she's being silly, of course she remembers you and to go look at the Handy Manny pics on the wall. *g*

Mercedes said...

First of all, snort! Ahem.

Your children are adorable, the Christmas card pic? HA!

I'm trying to work out a long weekend, we'll see what I can swing - Arnold is totally making state employment difficult!