Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ah, Gingerbread and Peanut Butter Kisses

Soon, soon the Christmas Baking will begin! Whee!!!

I survived Thanksgiving, only having one slight issue - pulled a muscle or tendon in my leg and spent the next six days limping and swearing. A lot. As the parents made cracks about me pulling up lame.


But I got to try Sweet Potato pie. And? I'm in LOVE. Yum-o.

It's Thursday, the new Friday. This weekend promises to be packed and fun: Christmas Lights, Disneyland, the whole bit.

The Mom's birthday is coming up and we're going out to dinner. Whee!

And two weeks until the Chicago Cookie Day 2007...the low on Monday is going to be 11. 11 DEGREES! Yikes. I need more layers!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

T-Minus 0 Days until Turkey!

Almost finished? Are your pies in the oven? Is your turkey defrosting? Didja call Whole Foods for the back-up meal? Ha!

First we have the Turkey Trot (gobble!), then we're going to the Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner, which should be entertaining.

This weekend will be a whirlwind and pampering. Pedicures, massages, South Coast, Thanksgiving Deux...

I'm happy to report that the slide show rocked. Check it out:

Hugs to all!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

*sniffle* No, I'm not crying!

Ok, I was crying. Ahem.

One, Meet the Robinsons. Rent the DVD, buy the movie, get it off Netflix or itunes, whatever. See the movie, it's cute and sappy and cute.

I cried.

Two, Long May She Reign. Buy the book. Ok, first buy the first three Ellen Emerson White books, then buy the fourth. And read it. It's emotional and powerful.

I cried.

Preston and Meg forever!

Friday? Ratatouille and Newsies. I'm going to owe Mom big time for this.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Life Without Mochas

I'm on day 7 without my beloved mocha. Grr. If only the syrup didn't have HFCS in it! Wah.
But I'm mightily confusing all the baristas.


It's Friday. A busy weekend to do a little super secret stuff, then the boring grocery shopping.

Sunday we're going to to a slide show! No, seriously. We're going to a slide show.

We're either really hip, really comfortable in our hobbies or really geeky. Let's go with a mix of all three, OK?

Inching closer to Turkey Day - do you have your turkey? Your sweet potatoes? Your PIE???

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holiday bits and bobs

Yeah, I don't know what the means, go with it.

Whee, another Saturday - and, for the first time in ages, an actual plus to my current job...I have MONDAY OFF!

Ahem. Whee!!!

In other news, not much happening. A bit of Christmas shopping and a relaxing weekend. I'm all for that!

And? It's almost time for PUMPKIN!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Brrr! Baby, it's COLD outside!

I am so in trouble...I'm already freezing and it's not even December. Or Winter. Ahem.

Almost two weeks from Turkey Day! Whee!

The Mom and I are doing the Turkey Trot in the morning. Yay! Dinner is still under negotiation. Stay tuned. And Friday (aka, Black Friday, which I don't do at all!), we're having Thanksgiving Deux, our version. Hee! There may be Christmas movies and pie involved, I'm just saying.

In other news, still reading the book. I got so upset (crying, everything), I had to stop on Sunday. I'll report back when I finish. But it's good - Publisher's Weekly named it one of the best of 2007.

On the horizon? Christmas Shopping...the Mom's birthday...Bauer Sale...Auntie Em's!
And? Cookie Day!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall Fun

I'm trying to be more bloggy and less...well, cranky.

The highlight of Thursday and Friday was eating my lunch backwards. Now get that image of me eating facing the wall...or something much worse...out of your head. I mean backwards - my cereal treat first, grapes second...the exact opposite of how I normally eat.

I am soooo bored. That was my HIGHLIGHT! Ahem. And it took me 21 minutes to eat exactly 3/4s-cup of Cinnamon Bunnies. Snerk.

It's Saturday, which is...wait for it...BOOK DAY! WHEE!!! I've been waiting years for this...since 1989, to be exact. I have the book. I have the makings of dinner (peanut butter, duh!) and I have pie. I'm all set.

Fall is also key for another reason - pumpkin treats return. Just had a pumpkin muffin top from Bristol Farms. Which was pumpkin-rocking good! Ha!

Hugs to all...will update later. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


So, it's November. Since October sucked beyond the telling of it, with the cold and the work crap, I'm kind of glad.

Ok, I'm really glad. I'm going to make an effort to be more positive and not let the soul-sucking...well, suck my soul. Snerk.

Anyway, onward to better things. Many exciting things are in the works around here - days off, Turkey, pie...

Saturday is "Long May She Reign"-Day, which is kinda like the Harry Potter weekend - only much smaller, doesn't involve going away or getting the book at midnight. Because I got the book last week, a full four days before it was officially published. Ha!

Sunday? We're dragging Dad to Disneyland. Ahem. Oh, and that show (whee!) starts again.

Saturday, 11/3: Book Day! Starbucks, Pedicures, Shopping, Pie...and READING!!!
Sunday, 11/4: AR Day! Disneyland, Olives and Amazing Race!