Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fall Fun

I'm trying to be more bloggy and less...well, cranky.

The highlight of Thursday and Friday was eating my lunch backwards. Now get that image of me eating facing the wall...or something much worse...out of your head. I mean backwards - my cereal treat first, grapes second...the exact opposite of how I normally eat.

I am soooo bored. That was my HIGHLIGHT! Ahem. And it took me 21 minutes to eat exactly 3/4s-cup of Cinnamon Bunnies. Snerk.

It's Saturday, which is...wait for it...BOOK DAY! WHEE!!! I've been waiting years for this...since 1989, to be exact. I have the book. I have the makings of dinner (peanut butter, duh!) and I have pie. I'm all set.

Fall is also key for another reason - pumpkin treats return. Just had a pumpkin muffin top from Bristol Farms. Which was pumpkin-rocking good! Ha!

Hugs to all...will update later. :)

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