Friday, November 16, 2007

Life Without Mochas

I'm on day 7 without my beloved mocha. Grr. If only the syrup didn't have HFCS in it! Wah.
But I'm mightily confusing all the baristas.


It's Friday. A busy weekend to do a little super secret stuff, then the boring grocery shopping.

Sunday we're going to to a slide show! No, seriously. We're going to a slide show.

We're either really hip, really comfortable in our hobbies or really geeky. Let's go with a mix of all three, OK?

Inching closer to Turkey Day - do you have your turkey? Your sweet potatoes? Your PIE???


Chris & Creedance said...

Mmmmm....pie :)

Mercedes said...

Thanks, Homer. :)

If I were a real baker, I'd be making pie. But I'm lazy, so I'll buy pie. Ha!