Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Weekend Update

Saturday, 3/31
Applied for 4 out of 7 jobs - check.
Ordered a mini-cooper - check.
Supermarket - check.
Toasted PB sammie - check.
Brownie coma - check.

Sunday, 4/1
Applied for 3 out of 7 jobs - check.
Walked to the Shore for coffee - check.
Plotted NY - check.
Cake coma - check.
Amazing Race - check.

Who knew you could order a car like a pizza?
No, I don't want the bonnet stripes, but yes...I do want the floor mats...?
Too bad it won't be here in 30-minutes...more like mid-June.

Not a bad weekend, considering. Weird, but not bad. :)

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