Friday, March 30, 2007

The Celebration Weekend

Well, we finally made it.
Almost two months after deciding to resign, I actually resigned. Whew, I don't know how much longer I could have acted/bluffed my way through, actually.

Which brings us to this weekend, the CELEBRATION weekend!

No weekend is complete, in my world, without cake/dessert/something, so there will be a brownie and a tiny bundt cake.

And, duh, a peanut butter sandwich! I am totally stealing the Doughboys recipe (mmmm, Red Velvet!)...they have a peanut butter, banana and chocolate sandwich that is dipped in an egg batter and version, not so much. Mine is toasted, with pb-banana-chocolate chips. Hee.

Then, the brownie - drool, actually a "chocolate ganache cake" from Dancing Deer. Warmed with ice cream...I think I just fell into a coma. *thud*

But before all that...I'm buying a car. Yeah, I quit and I'm buying a car...does it really surprise anyone that I'm doing it completely backwards? How long have all known me???

Saturday- Apply for 7 (!) more Jobs, Buy a Car, Supermarket, PB Sammie and Brownie
Sunday - Plot out NY Trip, Order B-Day Stuff, Bacon Sammie, Bundt Cake and Amazing Race

There might be some Starbucks coffee in there, maybe some magazine viewing, some food network watching...

All I know? I am so much more relaxed!


Chris & Creedance said...

Congrats!!! Here's to a relaxing weekend of lifted burdens.

Enjoy your cake, and good luck with the car purchase. -C.P.

Sheryl said...

Hey! I'm here! *snerk*
So what did you decide to get (car-wise)? When are you actually getting it? How did the rest of the day go after dropping your bomb? Was it satisfying? I can't believe he wants you to stay another 2 weeks. The nerve! HUGS!

Mercedes said...

C.P. - Woo! 10 Days, 10 Days, 10 Days!

sheryl - a mini cooper. Woo! The rest of the day really kind of was ood, everyone kept calling/emailing me. It was very satisfying, I must say. HUGS!