Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A Poll for Saturday

Ok, readers...all three of you, I believe...

I'm conducting a poll for the upcoming weekend. The Dad is once again working early, so we (the Mom and I) are left to entertain ourselves.
And feed ourselves, but that is a whole other issue. *ahem*

On the subject of movies, which should we watch:
~Armageddon (the Mom hasn't ever seen it - I think we need Animal Crackers)

~The Muppet Movie (a classic)

~Night at the Museum (neither of us has seen it)

~Pride & Prejudice (the new version, neither of us has seen it)

I wanted Newsies, but was told that to endure that she'd have to make me watch one of the Lord of the Dance DVDs and I couldn't do it. So no singing newsboy hotties.



Chris & Creedance said...

Might I throw another option into the mix?

I think you'd really enjoy "Stranger Than Fiction". It's filmed entirely on location in Chicago (but not the cliched locations seen in every other movie), it has a great bakery angle (so stock up on cookies, etc) and is just overall a wonderful film. Creedance and I watched it with friends a couple weeks ago and were very pleasantly surprised; it's definitely one of our top films from the past year. We're baffled as to why it didn't get much more attention. -C.P.

Mercedes said...

You were supposed to help, not add!

Ha! No, actually, that looks really interesting, I looked it up...and it's going on the list! Ahem. :)

vixen said...

i would go with a night at the museum (i'm biased).

the new p&p just didn't do it for me. a lot.

Mercedes said...

I'm leaning towards Night at the Musuem this Saturday, then Stanger than Fiction next weekend....