Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mmm, cake! Rolf Patisserie (Whole Foods)

Seriously, what is not to love with a cake named Death by Chocolate?


This was my back up cake, in case the Tiramisu was lacking. And it was. But that was for another review, this is about the chocolate goodness that was Death by Chocolate.

It was a wedge of sliced cake, in a cute little plastic container with a spork attached. Hee.

And wow, was it chocolate. Chocolate walnut brownie base, two layers of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling, iced with chocolate buttercream and decorated with chocolate curls.

Ahem. I wish I had more now.

It kind of looked like it had been dropped a few times, but that didn't really hamper the chocolate-y coma that resulted. In fact, the layers had completely separated into individual segments, but the it tasted good - I think that speaks to the quality of the product, really.

The whole mess was moist, buttery and yummy. The buttercream was kind of grainy, but really, that was because it was ice cold and I was impatient and didn't wait. Snerk.

Rolf Patisserie - B+.

Rolf Patisserie
4343 Touhy Avenue
Lincolnwood, IL
847) 675-6565

Whole Foods Lakeview
3300 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
773) 244-4200

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