Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mmm, cookie! Marceline's Confectionery (Selma's Cookies)

Now this is a chocolate chip cookie. *thud*

Per Marceline's (and Selma's website), this is a Chocolate Chip Supreme. It's 3.5-inches wide, like the Snickerdoodle. I just love that word, snickerdoodle. *ahem*

There are three types of chocolate in this cookie: semi-sweet, Bavarian chunks and milk chocolate. It also has toffee chunks, a little surprise. I warmed it up (and had it with ice cream) and dude....! It was gooey and warm and gooey and warm and gooey and smelled fresh baked!

Like the other cookie, this one isn't overly sweet - despite all the chocolate and toffee. It's nicely balanced, slightly salty. Because I warmed it up, it was hard to really tell the consistency of the dough, but it was cake-y like the snickerdoodle. And warmed? It was perfect!

Mmm, chocolate chip cookie. *thud*

Marceline's Chocolate Chip Supreme - A+!

Marceline's Confectionery
Downtown Disney
1580 Disneyland Drive
Suite 104
714) 300-7922

Selma's Cookies

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