Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mmm, cinnamon roll! Sweet Jill's

You know, occasionally, I go insane. I haven't reviewed many local places (local is Belmont Shore local) and I had promised myself a cinnamon roll and coffee from Sweet Jill's the first Monday I was unemployed.

But that Monday I got dressed up and went on a job interview, so no walk to the Shore.

So I decided to end my unemployment with coffee and cinnamon roll. Because they smell so good when we walk by and...what's not to love? Gooey! Warm! Gooey.

Uh, never again. Ever. *thud*

The huge-o cinnamon roll from Sweet Jill's is literally 4-inches by 3-inches. It's huge. It's gooey. It was cinnamon-y. It was iced. It was...over the top.

It had layers of cinnamon sugar. It had layers of icing. It was buttery. It was gooey. Did I mention gooey?

Mmm, sugar. Gooey, gooey sugar. It was soooo sticky that I ate it with a fork. I got an end piece and it was crunchy and yummy.

Until about two-thirds of the way in, when I felt ill and shaky and wanted to die. I think I went into a sugar coma. Even now, remembering, I am craving a huge glass of water.

So it was good. But never again. *ahem*

Sweet Jill's Cinnamon Roll - A (at the beginning)/C- (at the end).

Sweet Jill's
5224 East 2nd Street
Long Beach, CA 90803
562) 438-4945

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