Monday, May 7, 2007


Oh, I love Santa Ana winds! Hot! Warm! Hot! Warm!

~Did much running around Saturday, got most of the birthday party sorted out. Yay!

~Night at the Museum was cute, in a the kids would love it way. Not quite what we wanted, but it was good.

~Mmm, peanut butter sammie!

~Doughboys was lovely, as always. Mmm, Red Velvet! Muffin! Cookie! Coma! *snerk*

~Amazing Race is finally over. I know, I love the show, just not so much this season. New season starts when???

And it's a short week, woo! Yup, I'm off to Chicago on Friday - the munchkin wants to take us to the zoo...and I found a new bakery...and Scooters! Woo!!!

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