Friday, May 25, 2007

Birthday Weekend, Version 1.0

Yes, I'm a princess - my birthday is more like two weeks of planned fun. Woo!


Now if I could just shake this cold/sinus thing, life would be perfection...*snerk* Sunday is the family celebration, which means they will all be is required!

Saturday: Dust, Bristol Farms, Market, Starbucks, Vacuum, Finish Favors, Hof's Hut
(I'll need pie after the dusting and favors, trust me.)

Sunday: Doughboys (first thing, ahhh!), Deliver cake to Auntie J1, Starbucks, PARTY!!! Oh, and red velvet, yum-o!

Monday: Crash, big time. Hang with the parents and just crash. We're going to enjoy the new backyard and BBQ. Sounds so nice right now.

Hugs to all!

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