Saturday, May 12, 2007


You know that headache I get from not eating enough and clenching my jaw and traveling? Yeah.

Ahem. It's a beautiful sunny day in the Windy City. So far we've:
~Walked to Roscoe Village and had a vegetarian restaurant...promoting...spiratualism and transcendentalism...or something. But the pumpkin bread was warm and rocked. Ha!

~Went to Starbucks.

~Went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, where we saw the Lions (sleeping), the Bears (sleeping) and other animals. Hee. I bought Miss Ames a cow. Stuffed, of course.

~Went to the hoity-toity Vanille Patisserie place. It was...snotty, in a good way. Tiramisu for tonight, yum-o!

~Walked to Whole Foods. Got cake, just in case the Tiramisu blows. Ahem.


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