Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chicago...what we did...

It was a fun weekend, for sure. After getting up way too early on Friday and watching two American Airlines employees fight in the Starbucks line (*seriously*), we hit the Windy City.

Friday: Airport Express stood us up and we took a taxi to the house. Ahem. We dropped our stuff and the Mom got to look around the newish house before we headed for coffee and...well...cake. Ah, Dinkels. Mmm, Dinkels. The Aunt came home and we headed to pick-up Ames. Dinner was a nice place in Bucktown, Jane's Restaurant. People kept telling us how cute Ames was. *snerk* Got custard at Scooters and fell asleep.

Saturday: Woke-up and headed to breakfast at Victory Banner. Where I resisted the peanut butter and jelly-stuffed French Toast. Hee. We headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo, where every animal was asleep. Hee. On the way back home (*nap time*), we stopped at Vanille Patisserie, which was very French. Got a treat for dessert, then on to Whole Foods to prep for our baby-sitting gig.

The Lakeview Whole Foods is so much bigger and well-stocked. I'm just saying. Dinner was, of course, a pb sammie. Ha! The tiramisu was OK, very light and airy and yummy...just not what I was expecting. We crashed shortly after the kid did and the parents? They made it home from the fundraiser at like1:30am. Ha!

To Be Continued...

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