Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mmm, cake! Dinkels Bakery

Awww, Dinkels. The Aunt and Uncle better not move from Lakeview, because I love Dinkels. It's sooo cute and old-fashioned.

Dinkels is famous for their butter cookies and other baked goods. Me? I love the huge-o cupcakes! Hee.

This is a Dinkels Chocolate Chocolate Dessert Cake - it's awfully cute. It came in a little round saucer container and I fell for it immediately when I saw it in the case.

It's a 3-inch round mini layer cake; it has layers of yellow cake with chocolate buttercream filling. It's iced in another layer of chocolate buttercream and then has a layer of chocolate ganache with a cute little design in white chocolate on top.

The cake was super yummy and moist. The chocolate buttercream was light - it's real buttercream, as opposed to the toxic faux-buttercream stuff. It was slightly chocolate and balanced well with the cake. But? The ganache, which I LOVE, was grainy. It tasted grainy, it looked grainy, it was grainy.

I did some research online - grainy ganache is due to over-mixing it, this caused the cream/chocolate mixture to actually get too cool too quickly. Who knew?

So, the cake kind came across as ehhh....Props for the cake and buttercream, major points lost for the ganache.
Dinkels - B- (for the ganache, basically).

Dinkels Bakery
3329 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
800) 822-8817

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