Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mmm, cookie! Doughboys Bakery

Now this is a cookie. Check it out on the bread/salad plate! Dude!

The double peanut butter cookie (*thud*) is 5-inches wide. 5-inches!!! It's huge-o! It's a soft yellow color, covered in peanut chunks and smells divine.

It's buttery to touch, but not greasy. As with all the other fresh baked items from Doughboys, it's moist - breaking off pieces, the cookie doesn't crumble, it just gives. An added bonus? Some of the peanuts fall off, leaving left-overs for the post-cookie sadness. ;)

The cookie itself is sweet and nutty, just right...Baby Bear. It's not too much peanut butter, it's not overly sweet. The dough is cakey, doughy - just on the verge of being underdone, which is my favorite because it's not DRY. There are also peanuts in the dough, nicely mixed in.

Mmm, peanut butter goodness. The cookie rocks, it's soft and peanut buttery. Yay!

Doughboys Bakery - A+!

Doughboys Bakery
8136 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
323) 651-4202

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