Friday, June 22, 2007

New York, what we did...

It's more like what we didn't do. *ahem*
Which, if you ask the Mom, was nothing. I walked her to death. And then some.

Friday: Caught a super early flight and had SkyMeals. I love SkyMeals. Peanut Butter and a Banana Sammie, made just for me...with cookies! *thud* The flight was uneventful and I read. Woo. We landed on time and then took a wacky Super Shuttle Van into the city.

Let's just say that I now know all about JFK and the various terminals. Snerk. We were the first dropped off at the lovely 70 Park Avenue Hotel. Kimpton Hotels ROCK. It was beautiful and clean and they left me a welcome gift of water and snacks. Hee.

First up? Duh, a BAKERY. We took a cab to the Black Hound Bakery, because we weren't quite sure about the subway yet. It cost $10 and was worth it. The bakery was adorable - itty-bitty yum-o cakes! *thud* Back to the hotel and onward to Top of the Rock.

I hate tall buildings. I went up and took pictures. Enough said. Dinner was take out from Dean and Deluca, then....duh, cake!!!

Saturday: Woke up and hit Starbucks (literally 600-feet away, I love New York!). Then we took the Subway to the Met, where I hit Egyptian and Impressionist over-load. HA!

Back to the Subway and on to the Village - for, of course, Peanut Butter & Company. Which was much smaller and much better than I thought it would be. We only got lost a few times trying to find the place (the Subway maps sucked and the hop-stop maps sucked), but it was worth it. Mmm, peanut butter - cookie dough surprise: creamy pb, vanilla cream cheese and chocolate chips! We wandered the Village, then went back for Starbucks. And a mini nap.


I convinced the Mom to get back up and wander up Broadway, walking by the Empire State Building, Macy's and Herald Square, ending up in Times Square. It was crowded and not fun in a "Vegas Strip" kind of way. Then it clouded up and we ducked into Coach to get out of the rain. We ended up at Grand Central, wandering and getting food. And cheesecake from Junior's.

Sunday: Ah, Father's Day. Spent at Ellis Island and Ground Zero. We took the Circle Line Ferry to the Island and wandered, it was kind of interesting and strange - the main building is all done up as a museum, but content was kind of light. The outlying buildings were totally falling apart. We walked up to Ground Zero, which was over-whelming.

Enough said.

Back to the Subway to head to Chelsea...for snacks and to take pictures of my Great Uncle's Brownstone. We found the Food Network and Chelsea Market easily and had...wait for it, sammies from Amy's Bread. Mine was peanut butter. We shopped a bit (brownies! cookies!), then hunted for the Brownstone.

I went out by myself later I only got lost once! I am proud of myself. Hee.

Dinner was from an organic place, Josie's, the hotel recommended. It was YUM-O! And we had pie, from the Little Pie Company. Mmm, pie.

Monday: It was all about the running around. We went to the Levain Bakery first, it's way up on the Upper West Side of Central Park and not near anything else we wanted to see, but....they have huge-o cookies! So we took the Subway, trying to avoid rush hour.

We weren't successful. At all. It was hot and bad.

We dropped the cookies (oh my god!) off and then headed back to Bloomingdales, walking/shopping down 5th Avenue. It was hot. And fun.

Then? Subway to City Hall. Where we walked ACROSS the Brooklyn Bridge. Remember how I said I don't like Tall Buildings? I don't like walking across high bridges either, OK? But I didn't. It was hot. Ahem. Memorable, but HOT.

Luckly, I had a plan. At the end of the Bridge, in D.U.M.B.O. was Mr. Chocolate and his $5.00 ice cream sammies. And trust me on this, they were worth $5.00. You have to love a place that dips CHEERIOS in chocolate. Ahem.

We dragged our hot tired butts back to hotel, where we crashed. Then I convinced the Mom to get back up and go to Union Square Park - to see the Union Square Green Market, walk up to Madison Square park to see the Shake Shack and the Flat Iron Building, then get dinner. She fell for it and we hopped back on the Subway.

The park was hopping, Broadway was hopping, we shopped and avoided a huge traffic accident. Dinner was...'wichcraft...and a peanut butter sammie for me...and a massive cookie...

Sense a theme?

Tuesday: Awww, time to book. We left New York and got to JFK in record was early enough that we were BOTH able to upgrade on the way back. Nice. I got to sit next to Robert Klein, who is really nice. And they gave us warm cookies! Ha!

Pictures will follow...

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