Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mmm, cookie bar! Doughboys Bakery

You know I love the peanut butter. So when I saw that Doughboys had a peanut butter bar...I had to try it! :)

Mmm, peanut butter.

This cookie bar is 3.5-inches by 3.5-inches. It's got a walnut cookie base, a layer of peanut butter filling and then is topped by a layer of roasted peanuts.

First thoughts: soft. Gooey. Peanut buttery. The bar manages to be light, sweet and nutty all at the same time.

The crunchy peanuts topping the cookie play off peanut butter filling well - salty contrasting with the sweetness of the peanut butter. The walnut base is soft and works with the peanut/peanut butter. The walnuts come off as slightly sweeter, different than the peanut-goodness of the rest of the bar.

The whole bar is moist and nutty - thumbs up!

Doughboys Bakery - A!

Doughboys Bakery
8136 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
323) 651-4202

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