Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mmm, cake! Black Hound New York

You know, I love a quest. And I am looking for the perfect miniature cake.

Here we have, from lovely city of New York, a mini Busy Bee Cake. The larger version is Black Hound's signature cake, so I had to try it.
Plus, come on...look at the little bees!

The 3-inch cake, per their website, is layers of chocolate butter cake and almond butter cake with bittersweet chocolate mousse and marzipan. It is covered in marzipan and bittersweet chocolate, decorated with marzipan bees.

Yum-o. This cake was rich and moist, the almond and chocolate flavors playing off each other. The marzipan was lovely...and, hello, chocolate mousse. *thud*

Thumbs up. If you aren't in the area, you can buy them off the internet. I'm working on clearing space in our freezer right now. HA!

Busy Bee Mini Cake - A+

Black Hound New York
170 Second Avenue
New York, New York 10003
212) 979-9505

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