Friday, July 13, 2007

Comfort Weekend

Sometimes you just need to curl up and not think too much.

It's been a hard week. I was going to be unemployed, I was all excited about a new chance to try out some other department or company and next week is Harry Potter week.

Then my replacement left and I was forced to deal with the aftermath, which included extending my assignment. I'm not dumb, I knew it was practical to do so - so I told them I had the following days off planned and to deal with it.

But it's all still kind of depressing, in a "I thought it was over"-way.

So I'm going to not think this weekend.

Saturday, 7/14: Coffee, Pedicure/Eyes, Target, Bristol Farms, Hof's Hut, Market, Walk, Watch Newsies, Have a PB Sammie and Pie

Sunday, 7/15: Harry Potter and the OotP at Downtown Disney, Re-wire my TV, watch the Next Food Network Star, Pack

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