Friday, September 28, 2007

Uh, Ok.

So, I just bought a ticket to London (it's our stopping off point for both the Rome and Venice flights...)...
For a lot of money, I might add.

But my question is, since I requested the *fruit plate* (stop laughing, right now!), how much fruit do I get for that much money???

I can't stop snickering. *ahem*


A Whirlwind of Nothingness

Yay, I made it through another week. Monday will mark my official first day at work, which I suppose is a good thing. ;)

Many good things in the works, but I'm afraid it's kind of boring and quiet for now. There are four (4!) trips in the next 8 months, which is cool-o. Last weekend the Mom and I walked to the Farmer's Market - try the scones from Sconeage, they rock! Next weekend we're going to Disneyland to check out the pumpkin-ness.

But, for now? Quiet.

Saturday: $, Coffee, Pedis, Bristol, Wild Oats, Market
Sunday: Newport Beach

Monday, September 17, 2007


Yeah, I am so not talking about the Aunt. Ha!

I am super excited, one of my favorite author's ever (!) is releasing a new book...a fourth book in a trilogy I read as a child/teen. Then rediscovered as an adult.

And hunted ebay for, ha! Whee!

Check it out!
Long May She Reign

Hugs to all...
Joan Jett rocks. Ha!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Yawn. What?

Is it wrong to want to sleep all weekend? Anyone? *yawn*
Have a cookie, it's Friday.

We're sticking kind of close to home this weekend, after the Mom being in Boston last weekend and my trip to Chicago the previous one.

Saturday, 9/15: Coffee, Pedicure, perhaps some Jean Shopping, Bristol Farms, Pie, Wild Oats, Market

Sunday, 9/16: Coffee, Coach (?), Olives

I need to plot out some Italy stuff (whee!) and buy tickets for Chicago for the cookie baking. Does anyone have a diabetic-friendly cookie recipe that does NOT involve fake sugar?
(We're screwed, he's on low-sugar, I don't do fake sugar...)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Life is hard sometimes.

~The Uncle is recovering nicely, thank you.

~Apparently I'm gainfully employed again. Or about to be. I'm not entirely sure.

Is that vague enough for you all? Ahem.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

*blink* What?

September? What?

Yup, it's back to school time! Whee! Ames started PRE-SCHOOL! She was adorable...I just got back from Chicago want to be there!

Not much to update beyond that: G-Ma was here, G-Ma flew home after a lovely BBQ here at the house. I got a migraine and went home sick. I flew to Chicago with AJ1 and hung out with the kid for AJ1's birthday...mmm, Sweet Mandy B's!

In the works: Cookie day plans! WDW plans! Georgia plans! Italy plans! (note to self: PASSPORT!)

Hugs to all...