Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Life is hard sometimes.

~The Uncle is recovering nicely, thank you.

~Apparently I'm gainfully employed again. Or about to be. I'm not entirely sure.

Is that vague enough for you all? Ahem.



Sheryl said...

Hey! Sorry I was out of touch.
Eddie's Dad died 20 years ago today (or yestetday?). We went out to Calverton (cemetery on Long Island) yesterday. Ride up was good. Lunch at Friendlys and visit were good. But the trip home was brutal. Crazy (NY) traffic, Joseph wailing. Took FOUR hours to get home! Ugh.

So glad Mikey's doing okay.
Congrats on the job.
The hard life thing? Still going up? Been afraid to ask, but thinking/worried about you.

Mercedes said...

Ah, that explains the grave flowers - you get points for confusing me, though. Ha! Didja get a Reese's Sundae for me?

Yup, M is doing much better...whee!

As for the, still not sure. Apparently the Dean's office was supposed to contact me when they processed the's been five days, no call. So, uh...???

The other issue? Working itself out, slowly. Still stubborn, but yup, slowly disappearing. Did I mention slowly? Grrr.