Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mmm, Saturday.

Yup, I made it. It was touch and go, but I didn't end up in jail for killing several co-workers.

So yay.

Anyway, it was a pretty long week. Lunch was a blast, I need to plan another with AJ1 before she goes back to work.

So far today, we've been to Doughboys (whee!), the bank, Lowe's and Bristol Farms. And, duh, Starbucks! Ha.

Tomorrow? The Simpsons Movie. Hee.

In other news, I love this time of year - it's Back to School time! All the backpacks and lunch boxes and clean notebooks? *swoon*
This backpack is for the Long Beach Rescue Mission - some little girl is going to totally love my carefully chosen notebooks and crayons. Yay!

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